Saturday, October 16, 2010

Music Video galore

Y'all should totally check out all these video..

McFly's Shine A Light feat Taio Cruz

Pretty decent 2nd single from McFly. Nice collabo, since both doesn't really "outshine" each other in this.

Far East Movement's Like A G6

I'm pretty sure you heard this awesome track right? It's everywhere these days. The babes in the video are sizzling hot! Definitely should check out Girls On The Dancefloor.

Swedish House Mafia Vs Tinie Tempah's Miami 2 Ibiza

Don't you just hate pixels? Ugh. I feel like I'm watching those Japanese porn. Haha, btw this track is effin dope. Pretty good upgrade from One.

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl's Somebody To Love Me feat Boy George

Bang Bang Bang is decent, The Bike Song is okay, and this is another story. I lurrrve this. I'm not sure whether is the lyrics or the beats, this reminds me of Stop Me. Old skool funk with lots of nice beats.

Duck Sauce's Barbara Streisand

I don't get the band name but I get the song. Aweeesome track. I'm not sure how long I will be lovin' this but I am definitely loving it now.

Duffy's Well, Well, Well

Gawd, her voice is still so nasal. I'm not sure whether I love or hate this but it sticks to my head, is that a bad thing? Ah :/

Temper Trap's Love Lost

Can't get enough of their album, Conditions, this is totally one of the standout track, I can imagine how great this is gonna sound if they play it in a stadium, a man can dream.

I can't embed Fedde Le Grand's Let Me Be Real which is another hot track that I've been diggin' these days too.

OK, people, stay for the music :)

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Paul said...

Loving a bit of McFly even though they aren't quite at the level of amazingness they used to be. And isn't P!nk's song magnfico!!

ww_adh said...

You have an annoying ad on your site from Uniqlo that plays music constantly (with no apparent way to shut it off), making it impossible to listen to the music clips you've posted.

rcLoy said...

@Paul P!nk is back with a vengeance. LOL. I don't really know many of McFly catalog apart from All About You but I am loving this collabo with Taio.

@wwadh Ah, I guess that clock ain't suitable for a music blog :( Thanks for the heads up, really appreciate it. Uniqlock, gone.