Friday, October 29, 2010

You See Right Thru Me

Nicki Minaj's Right Thru Me

She came out from nowhere and now she's everywhere whether it's her solo effort or her featuring effort with some big name artist. I must say even with all that exposure, I do find her solo stuff more interesting than those collaborations except for Massive Attack, I don't get it, it sound like some bad Asian prayer song.

So yeah, back to this song, after the surprisingly good Your Love where she go all tough and Japanese in the video, she's back with her 3rd single, Right Thru Me, which is amazing where she get all sensitive and soft :) BTW great casting, that guy is fine~

I must say that I am warming up to her and this is coming from me, someone who don't dig rap as much as I want to. This is definitely one of my faves track of this year :)

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