Friday, October 1, 2010


OK. The lazy bum owner of this blog is back. Yay? :P

I've been listening to tons of new stuff these days, well, if my top 20 songs in my iPod consist only 3 top40 hits, I guess I've pretty lost with the charting these days..

Anyway, what I want to buzz today definitely have nothing much to do with their music, it's the music video that got me interested in them. Let's move on shall we.

Burhan G - Tættere På Himlen Feat. Nik & Jay

I'm surprised to say that I kinda dig this song after few rounds of listening, there's some kinda emotional baggage from how they deliver this song. I love the chorus. Plus the guys in the video are hot! Love the hot lady that's just hanging around there. ;) Thanks Jackson :)

Marcus Houston - Naked

I am not fan of his music but I am definitely a big fan of this video :) Haha.

Aiks! I can't embed the next song that I want to include here! *boo!*

Well, D'Angelo's How Does It Feel are pretty sexy and the video do bring justice to the song. I'm trying my best to sound not like a pervert here. *ehem* Supposedly D'Angelo's version is the original :) "Imitation is the highest form of flattery?"

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Anonymous said...

lame ass blog. get ur own opinions instead of ripping off others'.

rcLoy said...

@Anon which part?