Saturday, November 14, 2009

Songs That I Am Diggin' Right Now

Well, I personally think this month is a good month for the music scene, there have been so much new interesting great music being released this month. I am like a sugar addict being fed with good quality candy all month long.

Hm, some of the music I've been diggin' these past few weeks.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance, Alejandro, Dance In The Dark & Telephone.
I am not being biased here. These 4 songs is just my kinda jam. It's really such a throw back to the old 80's dance genre feel with a more updated sound? God, I love electro-pop. I don't really care much for the genre as long as the song is good. When the unfinished Alejandro and Bad Romance got leaked to the net, I thought both songs was great but heck, she totally bring it to another whole new level with the more polished finalized version of both songs. *salute*

If you love her previous stuffs, it's a no brainer that you will enjoy her new stuffs. How can you not love her? I can safely said she is the most consistent artist this year for me. No disappointing singles or live performances. Hello, did you watch the SNL skit? The acoustic version of Poker Face. Love that voice~ And here I thought she can't top her success after releasing Poker Face and Just Dance. It's few of the most addictive songs this year without being a total annoyance for me like some song (read: BEP -BBP).

Oh, have you watch the video for her Bad Romance single? It's EPIC!
See the post below for the embedded video.

Darin - Viva La Vida
OMFG. This gotta be the best cover this year! Me bestie Szu Tzane describe it the best. "Now I know, this song is supposed to be like this" since she tried to like the Coldplay's version but couldn't. Best description ever. Me thinks this is better than the original version by a mile. Go Darin! BTW Breathing Your Love is still amazing. It would sound incredible in the club, for sure.

Backstreet Boys - Bigger
The 2nd single of their, me thinks, incredible, album, This Is Us. I love the fact they sound more current these days but at the same time not losing their trademark vocal harmony. Love the strings, the singalong chorus. Listening to this song puts me in a happy mood. I don't know why. It kinda reminded me of Shape of My Heart too, which is another faves of mine. Hope they can get much love from the fans out there since the 1st single kinda crash. Hm..

Sugababes - About A Girl
I am not really a big fan of the Sugababes. So I don't really care much about the change and replacement thingy. I don't recognize most of them anyway, but this song kinda grow on me this past few weeks. Much like most RedOne production song, I am diggin' it. I would put this in the same category with Enrique's Takin Back My Love. Same old same old. I am not sayin' like it's a bad thing. It's catchy. Good for them since Get Sexy is not gettin' much love. Haha.

Agnes - I Need You Now (UK Radio Edit)
Oo, I didn't really pay much attention to this song from the album but this reworked version, I am showing all my love. Both are good songs, It's just that I prefer this over the album version. Agnes's Release Me gotta be one of the best Dance/Pop song this year. I doubt she can top the success of that song anytime soon, but this is a good follow up single. Love her pipe, she can totally carry out a tune, she's like a more Dance/Pop Leona Lewis for me. And it's good thing for me. Her album, Dance Love Pop, much love from me.

Mini Viva - I Wish + (Cahill Radio Edit)
Remixes? Not really my kinda thing but I am diggin' the remix version of this song more than the original one. It works for me. A great jam, a better follow up from Left My Heart In Tokyo, in fact.

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
The Times For Miracle single is meh~ This is way much better. I never expect myself jammin' to this song since I don't really follow AI that much even though all those buzz surrounding him. Kris Allen is a bit too boring for me but nice on the eyes. LOL. I think Lambert have a better song, this kinda reminds me of Sam Sparro's awesome Black and Gold. Can't wait for the video since the cover of his album is very tacky and funny. LOL.

2PM - Tired of Waiting & I Was Crazy For You
I enjoyed Again & Again but not the video, it's so boring. Haha. I don't really recognize most of them, but one thing for sure, both the songs is really catchy. Don't know what's the deal with both the song, I can't pin point the great factor but I know I want to listen to it. Not much love for Heartbeat though.

Park Bom - You and I
Ooo, this song is so smooth. I love her vocal, I don't really pay attention to her in 2NE1 since I prefer CL and Minzy, but this song changes everything. The chorus.. "You and I together.. It just feels so right~" Can't really get it out of my mind, I think it's a good thing. And here I thought she might not be able to carry it solo. =) oh, the MV is colorful and cute too.

Tae Yang - Wedding Dress
Bae is back! My obession with this fella, thank god this is a better song than Where U At. There is a pinch of Look At Me Only in this song and I think it's a great thing. I am still giving this song few round of listen. It's rare for me to love a song after the 1st listen. Haha. Oh, the MV gotta be one of the best video I've seen so far this year. Love the mini storyline, love the wardrobe - stylish, classic and chic. I love his solo part. Here is the video.

Whatdya think?
He got "cockblocked"! WTF!! Poor guy.

- Budak tu kena potong steam!!! KNS!


I am still giving myself some time to fully appreciate Leona Lewis's Echo. It's hard for me to like or hate an album for the first few rounds of listen. I can't make up my mind on things that fast. Even though I know I am enjoying it. =)

Except when the album is really bad, very out of place with the mediocre songs and with too much going on at one time, that is an easy one to dislike. It shall be banished with a steadfast Shift+Delete combo key action. Hard disk space is very precious in this PC.

Listening to: Lady GaGa - Alejandro
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J.Mensah said...

Nice selections. Ditto to Adam Lambert, Agnes, Sugababes, Backstreet Boys and GaGa. I can't wait for her Fame Monster album.

I finally listned to the Leona album in full and it's pretty good--better than Spirit? probably not but I really like it, glad you do too!

rcLoy said...

J: You really have to listen to Alejandro. Amazing song. Do watch the Wedding Dress vid, it's not bad. XD

I can't wait to listen to the Fame Monster album too! Half of it its Amazing already! I wonder how amazing the rest is going to be. *_*

Where's the Echo review? Haha..

F said...

how cn u dont like Sugababes

they r awesome!!!


rcLoy said...

F: Haha, they're okay. About A Girl is really a decent track, like most of RedOne's song.