Saturday, November 7, 2009

TV Galore!

It's been so long I never post anything here.
Kinda busy with my final paper these few weeks,
3 down and 1 more to go and then I'm off for my holiday.

The fact that my birthday is coming very soon, like to be exact on the 10th November, *ehem* the girls have pre-celebrated with me since it's very difficult to match the time for 9 person especially during the exam week. Love the Tiramisu cake and Choc Cheese cake, effin delicious. Cheese and Chocs can hardly go wrong for me. Indeed "a slice from heaven" - the name of the cake boutique. Haha.

Even if I am busy with my supposedly exam and should be studying for it, I still manage to get myself busy with the latest TV series. It's no secret I am a TV series junkie apart from my addiction to music. It's one of me way to de-stress.

My noob reviews of the TV series that I watch.

Grey's Anatomy: Good old faves. My friends started to hate this series since season 4, but heck, I still love it. Smart dialogue (kinda reminds me of Gilmore Girls but set in a hospital setting with a more annoying lead, yup, Meredith is annoying) Hey, at least there is still McDreamy and the occasionally McSteamy. Owen is good too, what a great addiction to Cristina's storyline. Bravo! But I gotta Boo the Izzie and Georgie storyline. Seriously, for real? She just left like that. Urgh, hatin' most of the new cast too. Uninspiring. Blek. I still can't stop watching. =)

America Next Top Model Season 13?
I am really getting sick of the TYRA-nosaurus Banks, she is really getting on my nerve and she is really full of herself most of the time. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out. I should have known this after watching the 5th season. My bad. Nicole is my fave but the rumors about Jennifer is the winner season is definitely a scheme to finally get an Asian to win ANTM, just to fill in the stereotype that Asian are short. *sniggers* Like how the fat girl won season 10? It's the short girl season. Ehem. Don't even get me started with the SMIZING thingy? URGH! Hate it even more when Nigel started to use it! Still, I can't stop watching it. No, I don't hate myself for it.

Heroes: Same old same old. I don't know why I am watching this. But I know I am watching this. Does it make sense? I am finding Claire to be more and more annoying these days. No idea why. Oh, Peter Petrelli new body. Hot! The paramedic outfit is really showing off the goods. Other than that, nothing much to rave about this beloved series that used to be so good during the 1st season. Downhill ever since.

The Vampire Diaries: Ehem, Twilight fan out there would totally appreciate this. Nuff said. Please fill in your anticipation for the vampire + love story thingy before New Moon is released. FYI, Twilight is okay jer.

Project Runway: What. A. Snooze. Fest. OMG. Bring back Christian Siriano. What's the deal with non-recurring judges. Bring back Micheal Kors every single episode, and Milla Jovovich should be permanently stay on the show. She is hilarious. Owh, I don't have a favourite designer this season.

Top Chef: I find it very difficult to not love a food show, I love Iron Chef too? Haha. I'm rooting for Kevin and the Bros. This is my kinda show. I just hope that I can taste some of the dishes. Wait. No no no, I want to try everything. Haha. Another beloved food series, is French Food with Laura Calder in AFC. This show is the only show that most of the participants really do have talents. Haha.

Ugly Betty: This is another show that is losing its appeal after few season, I love that Marc is finally getting some air time, but heck, he can't even get a BF? And Betty is getting all those cute, really cute guys going gaga over her? That is unbelievable. Amanda is still the funniest character there.

Mad Men: I am watching this all because of Jon Hamm. =)

Fringe: The new reworked X-Files with a very static but pretty lead actress and cute lead actor? I don't recall their name but the series is still very interesting. Do not eff up the storyline or this is going downhill like Heroes.

White Collar: After 1st episode, this show is definitely a worth of my 40 minutes. Good eye candy, nice storyline. Smart. Did I mention great eye candy? Matt Bomer~ *Swoon

The Office: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, and John Krasinski. Do you need anymore explanation?

Gossip Girl and Brothers and Sisters: Two of my faves TV series. I know if I start to watch it now, I won't be able to stop after just one episode. I am saving trouble for myself. Gonna watch it when the holiday really starts. I heard GG is loosing its steam. Hmm..

The Amazing Race: Sam and Dan for the win! Hello~ The Holland episode gotta be the most hilarious episodes ever. Cross dressing, check. Yodel-ing while riding on a bike and wearing the Holland famous clogs? check. Naked "golf" with undies? check. Lol.

GLEE: Best new TV series ever!!! If you love HSM, wait til you watch this~ Wayyyyyyy better than HSM 1 + 2 + 3! Eat your heart our Troy and Gabriella. =)
Puck love~ Haha.

True Blood: Not your typical vampire storyline, I love this series to bits. It's sexy, dark, intriguing, atypical and amazing! I can't imagine how they can top their 1st season by producing the amazing 2nd season. I got really addicted to this series at one point. Withdrawal symptom is included. Can't wait to see more Eric + Sookie + Bill and I really hate the fact Godric is dead! Ergh! More of Jason aka Ryan Kwanten please. Pretty pretty please. =)

So, if you really have time to watch few of those series,
You should totally catch
True Blood, GLEE, Amazing Race, Top Chef and White Collar.

What a long post.

Anyway, I've been diggin

Agnes - I Need You Now,
Lambert's For Your Entertainment,
2PM - Tired of Waiting,
Gaga's Bad Romance,
Park Bom - You and I,
Big Bang - Let Me Hear Your Voice.
FM - Girls on the Dancefloor.
BSB - This is Us and Bigger.

Oh, fave movie this year, for me, it's gotta be 500 Days of Summer.
Here is the trailer.

♥ the movie, ♥ the characters, ♥ the soundtrack, ♥ Zooey Deschanel, ♥ Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A must watch for all those people who consider themselves die hard romantics, or not.

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F said...

i hate you because we have similar interest when it comes to entertainment

I LOVVEEE GG..and yes!Gilmore the best EVERRR!

grey's anatomy is brilliant!i lovve izzy bt the storyline bout her?yikes~

i love Glee..ahmahzingg!!!!!

and yea..Christian Siriano roxxx~!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 the reader..if u like Twilight,wait til u see True Blood.u will definitely forget about Robbert Pattinson

rcLoy said...

I lurrrrve you woh, haha, its damn hard to find ppl with similar great taste tau~ haha..

GG, according to my friend, after watching True Blood, GG is just same old same old after 2season. Nothing special. I wonder why...

Izzie, oh Izzie, tetiba hilang, I pun tak tau kenapa. Ishhhhh....

GLEE!!! Nuff said. Who's ur faves character? or Performance? Have you see this?
Do check out the youtube link. It's funny giler..

Owh, dude, Robert Pat is so overrated! High 5* Haha. Eric or Godric can beat his ass down. Heck, even Lafayette can top that! Hahaha.. How you liking the new Project Runway? Any faves?

J.Mensah said...

Greeat to have you back, it's been a long minute lol

I agree Ugly Betty is losing its appeal but I don't think its that serious thought I'm still enjoying quite a bit.

The Office still rules, I love it! Definately better than the UK version (I know loads of people loved it overe here, but I couldn't get into it)

True Blood, possibly the best thing on TV at the moment.

rcLoy said...

Aww, it's a good thing to be welcomed back. Haha.

Ahoy! Another True Blood fan!!! It's hard to find ppl here that appreciate this "bloody" entertaining series! Haha..

The Office, the UK version, don't really get it maybe because of the slang. It's very thick for me. So the next best thing is the US ver.. Haha. Ricky Gervais is funny tho.

Oh, Go and watch GLEE!! Haha...

ww_adh said...

Jon Hamm is amazing...for many reasons. His performance in Episode 11 of this season is astounding. Give him the Emmy now!

rcLoy said...

ww_adh: Dude, I was just about to start and watch episode 11 now! What a coincidence. =) I kinda miss Salvatore. BTW, did U watch the Emmy this year, the Neil Patrick Harris opening number? Hilarious! =)
Watchout for the Jon Hamm bits. Haha XD

=) said...

Park Bom's YOU AND I....

I need to go to rehab.Seriously.

Yours truly,

who else la~
your quarter-msian-quarter-korean-quater-canadian and quarter barbarian other half lor~

rcLoy said...

My reaction towards ParkBom's You and I only have 5 or 6 OMG, but definitely a good song. great vocal, great melody. Haha. Love the colorful video too, kinda reminds me of you and Jin. LOL.