Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My Fame Monster obsession is still going strong (sorry Leona) I can't get enough of that album. Bad Romance is still gets to me every time.

Btw, anyone saw that Adam Lambert faux oral on stage with a dude for the AMA? LOL. I don't know why people are making such a big fuss about it. Chill, people! LOL.
I kinda dig "For Your Entertainment", it's very Sam Sparro's Black & Gold-ish. I still can't decide whether that's a good thing or not. Check out Paul's review of his debut album. I think I need to give this fella's album a go, when I have the time and mood :D

Btw, anyone having any Kylie withdrawal? Do give Ryan Ferrada's Dirty In The Club a go, very Kylie-ish. Official MV y'all!


RM7 well spent? This movie is definitely a MUST WATCH for all those fan boys or girls of the hottest-thing-on-cinema right now, Megan Fox. The storyline is a total blah, but a ticket price for the Megan Fox-hotness? Why not?


I love the CG effect of this movie but where the heck is the emotional part of this movie? You won't even care whether the characters died in the end or not because it is more important to show how all those major cities being destroyed by Mother-Nature, the storyline kinda suck. =/


Aha! My love for Rachel McAdams grew after watching Mean Girls and The Notebook. Love her! The plot can be a bit confusing at times with all those time traveling going on. The characters are easy on the eyes, (hello? Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams?) but the fact there is a "time-traveling fetus" is just mind-boggling. Seriously?? Anyway, this movie would please all those die-hard romantics out there.


My faves movie of this year! Need I say more? Even the OST is great! =)
A MUST WATCH, of course.

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