Thursday, November 26, 2009

Up To Now

I just got back from my belated birthday celebration lunch with Ron, even though is about 16 days late but its the thought that counts right? Both of us are kinda busy anyway so I do get why we celebrate it that late. Thought of catching New Moon but the line for the tix is too bloody long for my taste, all those tweens. LOL.

Here's what I had for lunch.

New York New York Deli?
Cheesy Chicken & Latino Chicken Chop

I don't think there is anything special about this NYNY Deli, a bit pricey for my liking, I would gladly spend my money on Ms Read's Delicious or Nippon Yataimura.

White Chocolate Velvet drink? Taste more like milkshake to me, not much chocolate taste =/

The caramel banana waffle in The Waffle World in One Utama.
Light and fluffy on the inside, crunchy crust. Yum*

Here's my belated birthday pressie! I absolutely love it.
It's either this or Backstreet Boy's This Is Us.
Well, it's a tough decision. This is my 1st Snow Patrol album, so yeah, this is the "rational" choice. Listening to track #8 now, You're All I Have. (the cover of Beyonce's Crazy In Love is kinda funny to me. I don't know why)

Ahhhh, I ♥ Snow Patrol :D

p.s: Ron, I love you bro, thanks for everything!

Listening to: Snow Patrol - You're All I Have
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J.Mensah said...

The caramel banana waffle is making me dribble. It looks so nice!

rcLoy said...

J: That thing smell and taste great too. LOL. I love the "egg-y" taste of the waffle :P

Kenna Christensen said...

this makes me so hungry!!! AMAZING!!!

rcLoy said...

Hi Kenna, Thanks!

F said...

nak pinjam