Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gaga + Cullum

I'm back!
Exam is done. Woohoo~
Holiday officially started for me yesterday.
Spent the whole day with 2 of my closest peeps, separately,
FPL for Lunch and movie (The Traveler's Wife; love the movie, love both the leads)
and CW for me birthday celebration at Chili's.
Great company, great stories, great food, good movie. What can you ask for more? ^.^

Back to the music,
Rarrrr Rarrr!

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

My obsession with this Lady is just insane!
Love the song to bits and this video is just icing on the cake.
Doubt anyone can forget about this MV after watching it.
Cmon! The bear skin coat rug? The quirky big freaky eyes? The metallic lobster outfit? She's on FIRE! The diamond scene, killer shoes! The ENDING! Urgh, don't know whether I get it or not, but heck, I totally love this! The intro music reminds me of those old horror movie tune. LOL.


Ok, sorry, I am getting annoying with the Rarr rarr part.
Maybe. I am not sure. XD

Jamie Cullum is back?
I am not sure but heck,
I love this rendition of Rihanna's Please Don't Stop The Music.
It's very loungy and jazzy. Love.

Jamie Cullum - Please Don't Stop The Music

Take care peeps! Happy Holiday to all! =)
You know Imma gonna miss y'all~
Oh, Penang! Here I come!!!!

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