Sunday, November 22, 2009

Echo Monster!

This month is a good month :D
I got an A for my elective paper, Introduction to Dutch. Dank u wel!
I got to spend more times with my buddies, celebrating my birthday in places with good food, a mini-holiday in Penang; the foodie heaven, meeting up with friends during my semester holiday, plus great music on Nov, of course.

Leona, TaeYang, Will Young and Gaga! I'm a happy man, all month long.

I am not really an album kinda guy, I prefer single much better. Single represent the whole album in some way, I think. I am very indecisive on where I love or hate an album/song, I rarely listen to album because I think there is too much to digest at times esp at one go. Plus, I am very uncertain at times about my liking for certain songs, I might like it at 1st but would totally get sick or bored with it after few spin, or vice versa. Listening to songs that I liked on repeat for a long time is mandatory. Once is never enough. So, if I ever listen to an album, it would means that I absolutely love the artist but then it would take at least a few weeks or a month for me to make my decision. It's hard for me to love anything after the 1st listen. I am weird, I know. Hah :D

Since I'm not really good with words, I'm not gonna write a full length review on anything. Imma do it my style. Haha.

Leona Lewis - Echo

Faves track:
I Got You, Brave, Love Letter, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Happy, Stone Hearts, Naked

Not so faves track:
Lost Then Found, cos it sound so much OneRepublic than Leona. Ugh.

Great, wait, Amazing full length review of this album:
JMensah, Nikki, Ken, ww_adh and Paul.
Please click on their names for the review.
Don't you just feel like giving it a spin after reading their reviews?

I am still waiting for ww_adh to review this album :D

Oh, I prefer Spirit than Echo. Those songs in Spirit stands out more to me, esp, Yesterday, I'm You, I Will Be, Better In Time, Bleeding Love, Run, & Homeless. But I think Echo is a great follow album, of course.


Another faves of mine gotta be Lady Gaga. I think you either love her or hate her (like Chelsea FC? Haha) Two very extreme choices, well, I've been loving this lady way before she had her breakout hit Just Dance last year. She is my type of artist, you can't ignore her (in a good way), her songs is totally my kinda jam; catchy and addictive. Don't get me started on her image, damn, a lady gotta do what a lady gotta do. Pop can never be over the top, for sure.

Okay, nuff ranting about her. It will take more than one paragraph. Heh XD
Her latest mini-album (8 brand new tracks!) The Fame Monster is one of my faves album of this year.

Check out the cover! *Tasteful*

Faves track: All!
I personally think this is a very cohesive and consistent album. Definitely no filler tracks. Every track stands out on its on without being to similar to each other. This actually compliments well with her debut album The Fame, its more of a evolution of her debut songs like Just Dance and Poker Face, by taking what works in the 1st album and make it sound more refine, darker theme and edgier. That is what I think la. Started off with a bang with Bad Romance!

Fab reviews, track by track analysis by:
JMensah, Ken, Mel plus Will W (Nikki and Paul ain't much a fan of hers)

About the Gaga + Beyonce collab, Telephone is way superior to Video Phone, VP is NOT even a song! Nuff said.

Well, anyone who wish to gimme something for me birthday even though its like 12 days late d now, I still accept any pressie with open arms. Preferably this two album lah. Thank you very much :)

Edit: Added few extra worthy reviews from my faves bloggers.

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Ken said...

Thanks for linking me up. these two albums are deffo ace. But I do love SPIRIT more than ECHO. THE FAME MONSTER is the BOMB!

J.Mensah said...

I love The Fame Monster sooner or later I'm going to finally get into "Teeth" and "So Happy I Could Die." But your not alone with that "Video Phone" mess.

Thanks for the link :) At the moment the only two tracks from Echo I've got in my 'Hits Playlist' is "I Got You" and "Echo."

rcLoy said...

Ken: No prob dude. I love your blog, if you have good stuff. I gotta share it =) Good things must be shared. LOL. The Fame Monster is definitely one of the best Pop album ever.

J: No prob! You know that I'm a big fan of you blog~ At first I thought Teeth is going to be very OTT, but I just dig it from the 1st listen. Goosebumps. XD
Btw Echo is a track? You mean something else right?

F said...


i love Echo.will do the review favs are Ouuta My Head,I Got U and Stop Crying Your Heart Out.

but so-so for Monster.


oh congrates with the A paper!!!

rcLoy said...

Thanks F!
I love Echo too. Can't wait to read your review~
But I love Fame Monster more! No faves track?