Friday, January 1, 2010

Hapie Niu Yerrr!

My new year eve's party is pretty rockin' with good friends, great food (Jon's signature Fettucine Carbonara) and great entertainment (psst, great booze too but I don't drink much) 10 Things I hate About You is still pretty solid after all these years, I got a lil' bit emo during the poem reading scene *I miss Heath* :/

Anyway, this week marks the official end of my 2 months long holiday break, gosh, how I wish I could turn back time for all the right reasons. LOL. I want to sleep more, eat less, work out more and whine less.

2009 is the year that my addiction to Lady Gaga converted me into the "GagaHood". I am a lil' Monster. Hehe, I can't stop gushing about her, The Fame Monster basically sealed the deal for me. All is good, amazing, and excellent.

My writing skills have not improved yet with lots of grammar mistakes and etc. But I guess that's what makes it all oh-so-personal (nothing is perfect, ehem, plus this is my basic attempt in self-defense-mechanism). Love it or hate it. I don't think I am going to change much here. This is mua...

Wait, I almost forgot that this is the year where I went to Jason Mraz's concert! He is one heck of an UHHHH-MAYYYYY-ZINNG performer. The ticket price is totally worth it! The fact I am effin' near to the stage is awesome, I am a fan boy. *squeels* LOL. The show is a bit too "short" for my taste but I guess I got so used to mandatory 30-45 minutes waiting time for those supposedly big shot artists concert to kick start the show. Punctuality is one thing that artist is lacking these days. Hmmm...

Oh, MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia where Kasabian, The All-American Rejects, Pixie Lott and Hoobastank, all in one night? Pretty damn fantastic night. It's FOC yo. Suddenly, living in Malaysia ain't that bad after all. LOL.

Erm, I can never forget that part where this is the year that my old email, friendster and facebook accounts got hacked by some guy that causes my mini anxiety attack (it's not that good for my health) but I guess everything happened for a reason. This is the reason why I started to blog, to get things off my mind :)

Plus, heartache never feel so painful this year. Getting your heart broken is never fun, will never be (just ask Alicia Keys) but thank god I got all the support from my besties. I love y'all so much :) Sometimes, you just can't get what you want, huh?

Hm, I am shocked at myself for liking La Roux since I pretty much loathe Quicksand at 1st, but In For The Kill is just so effin' catchy way before it exploded into the UK chart and then Bulletproof and I'm Not Your Toy. Yeah, I love her vocal when everyone is complaining about it. And then my disappointment in Lil Bootsie. New In Town is meh compared to Stuck On Repeat, I don't have the tendency to repeat Remedy even though it's decent. I don't know why, Ling love Hands, me? not so much, better luck next time. *I thought you are the one who is going to knock my socks off this year with your Hands*

I've always consider myself as a pop/top40 genre-loving only kinda guy but I guess I don't know myself as well as I thought, wait, I guess my taste in music evolved, that's it. LOL.

Phoenix, The xx, Grizzly Bear, Kasabian, The Gossip, Röyksopp, Metric, Passion Pits, Kleerup, and Sigur Rós, a pretty damn impressive list if you ask me. Haha. Whatdya think?

There are things that I think I would like, but I still don't have the mood give it a go yet (album wise) such as A. Lambert, A. Burke, B. Lewis, Darin, Matt Kearney, Måns Zelmerlöw, Jordin Sparks, Jon McLaughlin, JLS, 2PM, and SHINee.

Kings of Leon's Use Somebody is pretty much my anthem of this year no matter how much I love Gaga. La Gaga still rocks my life tho.

Oh, my personal Song of the Decade is definitely Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars.

What's yours?

ps: Thought of putting something personal here but end up writing another music related post. Again, thank you for reading.

This is so true.

Happy New Year!!! :)
Here's to another great year ahead! *Cheers*

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f said...

nice choice for the SP's chasing Cars

definitely one of my favs too ;)

rcLoy said...

f: Great minded people have the same great taste :) Hahahaa