Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Love!

No, I am not talking about the now defunk boyband Blue's song. Even though their song is damn catchy way back then.

The song that I wanna gush about is the latest single by DJ of '09, David Guetta. Seriously, When Love Takes Over kicks it off with a bang!, I Gotta Feeling is THE party anthem of last year, and Sexy Bitch is one hell of a catchy but "stupid" song.

Back to the topic, the 1st time I ever listen to One Love was last year in DigitalSpy.

impression, not that amazing.

But thank god I give this song another go and randomly slot it in my very limited space 512mb iPod Shuffle. (I only can fit around 110 songs max in my iPod, I am extremely picky with my playlist, only the BEST is worthy of a listen. It's a cruel, nasty and pitiless world in my iPod for songs. LOL : )

OK, back to this amazing piece of dance pop! I was dumbstrucked when the song is played on shuffle mode. The bass and beat is AMAZING! The opening bass is Ace! The chorus bass beats is SiCk! It's all about the BASS for me. Ah, I don't know why at that particular moment this song sound Pretty Damn Amazing to me! (6.50++am in the morning, go figure). This song reminds me of all those good oldskool dance song back in the 90's (esp. Jaydee's Plastic Dream)

David Guetta - One Love Feat. Estelle

The video is pretty damn amazing too, huh? Sick dance moves!

So, this song deserve the
"Lil Bootsie's Stuck On Repeat Award"
for this whole week. I can't stop playing it. You got what I mean?

Oh, Everyone, Have a great amazing week! :)

Listening to: David Guetta - One Love (Feat Estelle)
via FoxyTunes


J.Mensah said...

Awesome song! Is just me or did it just go by really quick, I didn't like it was big enough of a hit.

rcLoy said...

Well, thank you J, finally I found someone who appreciate this song too. Haha.
I don't know why it's not creatin' much buzz among the bloggers and in the chart. BTW, When is the new "What I'm listening to..." post coming out? I want to do my post on the songs that I've been diggin' these past few weeks too but I am too tired from my internship to write long post. Uh.

J.Mensah said...

Aww! Loy, you care! Now that's made me happy lol! :)

rcLoy said...

Abuthen? LOL~ You might be wondering what kinda response is that. Wait, check this out Hahaha, you learn something new today~