Thursday, January 7, 2010

True Love 1980

Internship have been pretty tiring but I don't feel like ranting it here.

Anyway, thank god there is always my trusty iPod Shuffle.

This is the song that get me to start my day this whole week.

Ash - True Love 1980

I don't know what drawn me to this song at the 1st place but I kinda like its lyric.

I’ve been trying to discover,
Something that can last forever,
We’re two fools who stand divided,
You and I should be united.

Of course I am lovin' the ending twist of the video. How can I not?

I am definitely lovin' this song more after watching this video.

Listening to: Ash - True Love 1980
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J.Mensah said...

I wonder what blogging through the 80s would have been like. Hm. I like this song too. What are you doing for your internship?

rcLoy said...

J, bloggin' in the 80's? All I can remember now from the 80's are those cheesy electro keyboard music. LOL.
*high 5* I don't see anyone blog about Ash, so it's good to see someone that like this song too.
The internship? Will blog about it soon, LOL, it's just the 1st week, I don't know what to blog. Everything is still new~ Need some time to get used to it :)