Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lunch with Babe

I am happy today. Why? Well, after 2 weeks of waking up sharp at 5am daily to get to my internship place. I got a well deserved outing. I went to Pavilion today to meet up with my Babe, EuLin. Yup, she's my babe, I've been calling her that since the moment I knew her 3 years ago. Haha, LOL.

Here's what I had just now in Michelangelo Restaurant (sounds damn posh and fancy, right? The decor of the place is not too shabby too)

Babe's Creme di Fungi. She don't think is mushroom-y enough. I agree. Smells incredible but lack the oomph! The best Mushroom soup I ever had is in the Italian Restaurant in SS2, PJ.

My's Ceaser Salad, I totally forgot about the beef bacon, (I don't take beef) but thank god Babe hantam finish everything, nothing goes to waste here. LOL. I like it though, but if the bacon was from oink oink, it would be perfecto!

Babe's Seasfood Risotto, Risotto taste like flavoured rice, huh? It's just that the texture is abit more "crunchy" compared to the hot steamy plain white rice I had everyday. And here I though risotto going to taste very different, nothing to shout about~ No kid.

My Chicken something something with Couscous, couscous taste like nothing I imagine it to taste like. (Again, I am not impressed) LOL, but the highlight of this dish is definitely the chicken. So tender and juicy. How come this is like the 1st time I taste chicken meat this tender? (This is to all those chap fan stall owner, buck up your skills! Haha :)

Choc Cake for dessert, it's good but nothing to shout about. I like the fact that it's served warm though.

The food in the fancy Michelangelo is pretty much ordinary and for that kinda price. I don't think it's worth it.

My treat for the day~ CupCake Chic's cupcake!
Cloud 9 and Peach Almond with Vanilla icing. The choc icing is very delicious. A total guilty pleasure to all those shooo-gahhh addict out there.

Thanks for the lunch, Babe! We should meet up more often. LOL~

Oh, I think I finally get Ellie Goulding's Under The Sheets after like 60 plays, the song doesn't really stand out much during the first few plays (50+!!), but now I can truly understand and appreciate her vocal and the not-so-pop but electronica genre masterpiece. My faves bit of the song? Part 3:16-3:20~

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