Friday, January 8, 2010

My "incredible" Journey

Rarrrrrr. That's how I say hello to me buddies :) Since you are reading this blog, I guess we are friends, so Rarrrr to you :) Gaga fanatic, I am.

TGIF, I finally understand what is the big deal about Fryyyyyyyyyyy-day. Seriously, I've never been so tired out of my effin mind before this. Well, I think I do, but this is way tirin' since I gotta wake up 5am every morning to go to work.

Reason? Well, my internship place is a total combination of a 30 mins bus ride and another 25 mins train ride away from my place, plus minus all those time waiting for the bus and stuff, I have to leave my house sharp at 6am or I'll miss the 620am bus. I'm tired just by thinking about it now. Haha *wry smile*

Walking to the bus stop, sun is nowhere to be seen. Trusty partner, iPod. I am very sure I am listening to Ash - True Love 1980.

On the way to the LRT station. Walking in new leather shoe is a kind of torture to me. Why would anyone create such an uncomfy shoe? Ugh.

Well, another 5 mins walk from the bus stop to the nearest Light Railway Transit (LRT) station and a total of 13 stations (yes, I counted) to go.

Traffic is still smooth, means it's still very early. Another 15mins and there will be heavy traffic jam, for sure.

What a way to start my day huh?
But at least the train is on time and not packed.

Waiting for the train while blasting the iPod volume.

U see the McD McValue Meal Lunch promo? There is a McD infront of my work place. LOL. Haven been there yet but I gotta show some love~

6:48am, this lady wants to be in the pic. *haha*
Announcement that the train will be arriving soon, 3 mins for each train is pretty damn amazing :)

ps: This is when I usually message my "beloved", but she never replied since she is still very emo-ish. Call me. You know you want to. LOL.

Here comes the noisy train (I can still hear the noise while blasting my iPod) but it's very punctual (this I like) Malaysian are famous for being late. I am not kidding.

Very empty train. It's still very early. After 30 mins, this will be packed like sardine.

The all in one ticket pass; Bus, Train, and Monorail. RM150 a piece for a month! (gasp)

Reach the destination around 720am, having my breakfast while waiting for my buddy to pick me up around 740am.
Another 2o mins people watching.
*I am eating a peanut butter (Skippy) with chocolate spread (Nutella) with whole wheat bread, (yummy!) haha*

After that, another 5mins car ride. Work starts at 8am.

Total time travelling: 1hour and 20mins.

Seriously, how can you not be tired after all this? Thank god if I don't miss the 1st bus, if not the next blardy bus ride will take around 40/45mins since the traffic is heavy after a certain time, few mins do make all the difference.

I don't think I can survive this daily journey without my beloved iPod. So thank god for my trusty beloved iPod.

Anyway this is what I've been listening all this week,

Ash - True Love 1980 (love!)
Blake Lewis - Heartbreak on Vinyl (thanks to J.Mensah and Mel)
Róisín Murphy - Momma's Place (groovy!)
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (still warming to it)
Little Boots - Earthquake (Not that bad)
Ash - Return of White Rabbit (Very cool)
Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet (The "crush" dedicate this song to me, I have to listen to it :)
Jason DeRulo - Whatcha Say (I finally get it)
Phoenix - Liztomania & 1901 (I am lovin' these two more and more)
Grizzly Bear - Southern Point & Two Weeks (Still can't get enough)
The xx - Islands & Crystalised (Lurrve "XX" 2)
Eva Simons - Silly Boy (Very Rihanna-ish, lack the finishin' touches tho)
Marina & the Diamonds - Hollywood (I still don't get it, hmmm)
Animal Collective - My Girls (I can't believe I like it this much)
Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body (Not IGF, but kinda cool in a good way)
Sébastien Tellier - La Ritournelle & Kilometer (A-trak Remix) (very hypnotically beautiful)
Delphic - Counterpoint & Doubt (Electronic goodness)

I still listen to my usual faves, Gaga, Super Junior, La Roux, Snow Patrol, & Leona Lewis.

Anything that you think I should listen to? I am pretty much open to anything except for hard core rock, and metal.

That's all for this week, too tired to blog that often. Thanks for reading :)) Happy Weekend to everyone and TGIF!!!!

Listening to: Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet
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Mel said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA! I'm tempted to copy you and put it on my tumblr. Do you have a tumblr?

However, my commute to work is not that long. I leave the house at 8:20ish and I'm at work by 9...and that's with a visit to Starbucks.

J.Mensah said...

I like this idea, Wow, it was nice to see Malaysia like that. But those train seats look really uncomfortable.

1 hour to get to work seems like tourchure lol. It takes me 30 mins tops to get to school, after waking up at 6:30am and stopping at McDonalds

rcLoy said...

Mel: Thanks so much, About a a tumblr page, sadly, no. LOL. I would love to visit your tumblr page tho, link please? :)
I am so jealous of you since u r livin' in one of my dream city, NYC. You should totally do that, would love to see NYC from your view. FYI, Starbucks ain't cheap here in Malaysia. One cuppa can cost me around 2/3 regular meal. Haha.

J: Thanks :) Maybe I should do post like this more, I am tempted to show my work place though and yes, the seat are very uncomfy, cold and hard. But I guess there is a good side of it since there wont be any wet cushion seats. LOL.
I am telling you, it ain't easy especially wakin up on ungodly hours. LOL. Anyway, McD for breakfast? U r one lucky lucky boy. No kiddin' LOL

Mel said...

:) Perhaps -- My tumblr right how has a few pictures of my neighborhood on it. Maybe I'll put the post on the blog that way I can give comments like you did. I think we've all met so many people through the blogosphere from around the world -- it would be so cool to see everyone's perspective like that! :) Oh, and my tumblr is . ;)