Sunday, August 23, 2009

Backstreet Boys

Is it me or the new BSB stuff is seriously good?
Straight Through My Heart is brilliant!
What I Know Now is nice.
Bye Bye Love is like I Want It That Way pt II. (it's a good thing)

I mean like, IT'S GREAT!!
I really dig their new stuff as much as their old stuff.
Look what I manage to find in Youtube. TGFY~ (Thank God for Youtube)
Another leaked song from the new album, This Is Us.

Backstreet Boys - All In My Head

Tell me that I'm NOT on my own right now.
This stuff is actually good.
I really can't wait for the new album this Oct 6th.
Anyone gettin' excited?

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J.Mensah said...

I AM!!! I'm actually lovin' the new stuff! do you know if they'll actually be included on the upcoming album?

rcLoy said...

I love the new stuff too but I have no idea what is going to be there since mostly what I read is that those songs are leaked songs.
I still remember the incident for the Nevergone album, the leaked album - half of the songs is not even on the real album.. Hm... I'm just hoping they would pick the good ones. It's time for a super comeback! LOL