Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ulu Gombak

Ehem, I just got back from my co-curriculum - Facilitator course which includes a 2 days 1 night stay in Ulu Gombak. -=Read: Outdoor activities=-
The thing is, I don't normally like this kinda stuff.
Getting dirty?
Urgh. :S Seriously..

But the thing is....
Today, approximately 9.55am, (?)
Er.. I'm not sure of the time, but roughly around that time la.. haha..
I got soaked from the belly down =P in a MUD POOL going through a section of the jungle trekking activities.
Mind you, I'm surrounded by thorny plants.
(Got prick by it eventually)
So you can't really hold on to anything at all.
All you can do is to move your feet~ and keep yourself from getting sucked in by the mud pool.
Fuh, it sounded so damn effin extreme. (Syok Sendiri, read:getting high by yourself). LOL.

The part where we reach the river and clean up our self. Water is so clean and COOL!
Totally understand why people love to mandi sungai now!
Met some new friends there.
Everyone is so chill even though we got bloody muddy and dirty.
Plus the lecturer is so damn effin funny. LOL.
Oh, FPL missed out the mud pool activity but seriously I think that's her lost.
It was so fun. The feeling of getting soak and stuck in a mud pool.

I know I feel great during that time and feeling way better after manage to overcome all of it.

The jungle trekking activity today totally change my perception.
I think I need to get out and get dirty more!
Now I can't wait for all the pics! Haha, gonna be hilarious!
Those awkward moments in the mud pool and few of the challenges. LOL.

Oh, the fact I can cuci mata there today is just a plus. Ahhhh, thank God.

Great companies.
Great activities - The late night Sketch and Songs performance!
Great Mud Pool!
Great riverside hang out.
Great man-made waterfall. (A small but nice one)
Great FOOD!!!
(The caterer is seriously good, kalah those kenduri wedding few times kaw kaw.
Nasi Briyani for lunch on both days. Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong and Nasi Goreng Kampung for Breakfast and Sup Kambing for supper, Geng hor?)
We did paid RM100 for all the foods, paperwork, accommodations and stuffs tho.
Totally worth it!

Facilitator - PASS!
(No one actually fail in the co-curriculum course, except if you don't really attend the class like many times).

I feel so good right now.
Even though I'm physically tired but I'm satisfied mentally after the past few hectic weeks.

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