Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skip This If...

Skip this post if you are not into reading emotional stuff esp by ME.

Oh gosh, I know my few posts lately is very very depressing but I have my own reason to it. If I can share my good news here, heck, I need to share my bad ones also.
God! I still can't get over the fact that I'm in deep shit right now since my application got rejected by them. Urgh. I don't feel that good even though I'm trying my best to hide it with lots of laughter and Craig Ferguson.

I've found another place for me to try my luck but those unforeseen circumstances that happened during the past 2 days where I'm supposed to meet up with the counselor is making me - the worrier, to stress up really badly. It's not like she don't want to meet up with me but the fact she can't for her own personal reason is pretty understandable. But still, nothing is confirm yet. I'm not even sure about the meeting next Monday and I need to confirm my application on next Wed! Gosh. I'm really freaking out right now. I'm really hoping for the best but me - the pessimistic, too, with my own dilemma is not working out so well right now.

I really don't know how to express everything out properly. I really hope that by Monday, everything is going to be alright soon. I don't think I'm managing this well since I'm having backache and mild insomnia now.

Sorry for all this.
I don't want to bother my bestie with all this. They already got their own deals already. Thank you for reading. I'm closing the comments section for this post though.