Sunday, August 16, 2009

MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia Last Part

MTV really know how to throw a party!
Freaking awesome-ness!!!!
At first I was not too enthusiastic about the artist line up.
I dig The All American Rejects,
Pixie Lott
and Kasabian but the rest, not so much.
But it was all worth it.
They managed to drained up a huge swimming pool/man-made sea for the events.
Kinda impressive if you ask me.

The event started right on time. I'm very impressed on how MTV do things. Punctuality is a good thing. 1st performance of the night is by local band, Estranged. Don't really dig their stuff (too noisy with all those screaming) and the bass player with the huge drawn on face tattoo is fugly. But the crowd did show some lovin' for them. =) Good for them.

Boys Like Girls is surprisingly "popular" in Malaysia, even among the guys. *shocked* I saw most of them humming to the songs. *gasp*
The lead singer really know how to work a crowd though.
I don't really get much of their appeal other than their 1st single The Great Escape. Another pop rock band that is going to be forgotten by time. i.e. Faber Drive? Alien Ant Farm? Creed? Trapt? Story of the Year?

So, anyone heard of Raygun before? No? Me too.

Don't let their kid-ish band name fool you.
They are quite fun. Lead singer is very charming and their performance is very enjoyable. My bro who don't listen much to English music enjoyed their performance more than Kasabian. LOL. Their 1st single, Just Because ain't too shabby.
Indie-Pop-Soul thingy going on. Nice.
A quick google about them - RAYGUN aka the Disco Superheroes. LOL.
Their 1st single video is kinda cool.
Check it out. Here's the link.
Raygun - Just Because.

My 1st favs artist performing for the night.
Ms Pixie Lott. Give it up, give it up!
One thing for sure, this girl can sing LIVE. She sounded great, fabulous even.
Plus, she's easy on the eyes. She look so cute. She does. Maybe is the make up and stuff but no doubt that she is a pretty + hot girl who knows how to sing. Double combo! Not just a pretty face. *whip*
Turn It Up, Boys & Girls and Mama Do. The crowd did chant along with the "uh oh" part of Mama Do. Well I guess the plug in by MTVAsia before the event did manage to increase her exposure here. I enjoyed her 2nd single Boys & Girls. Fun and cherry. OMG, She's so cute. =) with the British slang.

Ms Lott Live in Malaysia
The best pic that I have since my lousy
Nokia phone camera sucks when taking pic at nite.

Next on stage was Hoobastank.
Don't really dig their new stuff. But lead singer Doug is very Asian looking. LOL.
Crawling In The Dark really got the crowd pumping. It sounded good. If you ever need a reason to love Hoobastank, seriously, you can't go wrong with The Reason. Best song ever by them. Doubt they can top that. Everyone was singing along with the band. Awwww.. what a moment. The aftermath of a great song. *Clap Clap Clap*

Doug of Hoobastank.
Nice outfit and hair. Love the hair.

Up next was The All-American Rejects.
I think their appeal is the biggest for last night even even though it was Kasabian who close the show. The Indian Guy who stand next to me started getting excited. He just stand there motionless during all the other artists suddenly got excited and started shouting when AAR is on stage. LOL. Its like someone switch on the party mode. AAR started off with Dirty Little Secrets which get everyone pumped up for their show. Tyler is covered with glittery powder. I don't have clue about why he wants to do that. LOL. He was kinda dramatic during his performance though. I Wanna is AWESOME!!!!! Love that song. Ugh. They managed to squeeze like 4 songs from their new album, When the World Comes Down from 7 songs they performed. I was hoping for Paper Heart but no such luck. I got Swing Swing though. Satisfied. It Ends Tonight is really really good. Oh, how I love that song. The ending song, Gives You Hell is just plain catchy. Everyone is singing along. The mass appeal of a bloody catchy song is so unresistable. You have to sing-along, especially the chorus.
*Don't have pic since the phone battery died on me, Boo! Lousy Nokia* :-/

The closing act, Kasabian is effin AWESOME!!!!
Gosh, again, is it me or that most of Kasabian song is made for massive crowd stadium anthem? They sounded damn great LIVE! Was totally impressed by them. It's more better than listening to the CD. Arghh.. the energy being in a live concert. Priceless! I personally think they owned it even though some of the crowd did leave after AAR. It's their lost. No doubt about it. How can you not love Kasabian? UHH-MEH-ZINGGG!!!

Kicking things off with Vlad the Impaler, 1st single of their new album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. I love it. Gosh. It was so energetic. The lead singer is effin gorgeous. Love the preppy London style. LOL. Again, they are effin great live. SERIOUSLY! OMG. Usually the lead singer is the one who owned the vocal in every aspect of the song but Kasabian is different from the rest I guess. I love their backing vocals as much as their lead vocal. The song would sound so much different without the cohesiveness of everyone, drums, bass and all.

Songs list for the performance, if I'm not wrong but definitely not in this particular order - Underdog, Shoot The Runner, LSF, Where Did All The Love Go, Empire, Club Foot and Fire. I did not catch their encore performance since I gotta run before everyone is leaving at the same time and stuck in a massive traffic jam. Seriously thank god for the lead singer is all cleared out by the doctors for H1N1 virus. It would be such a bummer if they canceled their show last night.

Long Live KASABIAN! The All-American Rejects, Pixie Lott, Raygun, Hoobastank too.

Thanks MTV for such a massive event in Malaysia.

p/s: In your face for those who sells off their tix last min, you know I'm talking about you, noobie Jon.

Owh, the show premieres on MTV Asia Friday, August 28, 2009 Friday @ 9pm (MY), 8pm (SG/HK). Check out the fabulousity of the acts mentioned above. LOL!

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