Monday, August 17, 2009

Yes, I Love U

Feeling very emo today. Skip this post if you are not ready for my emo-ness.

I got this from LeLove.
PeiLing posted this on her facebook.
This means a lot to me.
It seems like the person who wrote this have the same frequency with me.

And all this time,
I thought that I'm the only one who ever feel that particular way about love.
I just want to share something so meaningful to me.
I'm not really good with words.
I'm just going to post the original post here and redone it.
It's like a love letter for your future love that you are in love with right now.
And yet you have no fricking idea who is that person, yet.

I've been staying up all night.

I have no stories about wonderful meeting, fingers twisting my hair, hands around hips. I don't know your smell or warmth or what clothes you're wearing.
I haven't ever met you, but I think I love you.
Maybe it was good you went on vacation, because that gave me time to think about you and me. And suddenly I just realized how much I really like you.

I couldn't sleep tonight, so I started the computer. I walked with my bare feet over the cold cold floor, wearing only underwear and huge knitted cardigan.

And I wanted to write you.
Tell you how I started crying when you said you think you liked me, how I think about you every day and every hour, how happy you make me even if you don't understand, because you're simply so nice to me.

My first love was the most horrible thing that had ever happened to me. You made me recover.

When I started talking to you I forgot everything.
Do you realize how big it is?

Do you even understand how affected you can
be by someone you haven't met?

And I was sitting in my loneliness, with you too many miles away, crying, scared by the thought that you share the city dreams and kisses with someone else.

I wanted to write a whole novel about it.

Everything I said was that I liked you.
I like you.

No. I don't like you.
You're the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.
But you don't know.
You haven't even gotten my message yet.
I hope you'll go online later. So you'll see.
I'm so nervous. I couldn't sleep.
And if you do.

I'll tell you.
I love you.

// E

Credits: LeLove
The original post is in the link above.

I've made few adjustment striking out all those that are irrelevant to me and all that's left is something that totally resonate with how I'm feeling every single day. I'm serious. It's good. It's all good cos YOU are going to be here soon. I know it.

It's the rule of life: Everything you've always waited for comes the very second you stop looking for it. ~ Unknown

I Love You.

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