Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not A Good Day

I just got the news that my application for internship just got rejected.
It sucks.
I believe the fact that I didn't manage to score a place there is totally because I'm a Chinese.
Call me ignorant or racist but that's how I want to think right now.
Judge all you want.
(The place is surrounded by Malay 100%)
Of cos they would choose the Malay girl over me.
What was I thinking?
I should have a back up a place in case I got rejected,
(I never thought things like this would ever happened to me)
A bloody good crash at my ego.
Having good results can do shit these days.

I've been frantically searching for a new place to apply for my internship placement since the moment I got the bad news.
The thing is, I need to confirm my internship placement by next week. =(
And the fact that I still have tons of assignment to be finished by end of this week, NOT GOOD.
I'm suppose to have my semester break holiday right now! Even for a week!

"Failure is not an option - because it doesn’t exist. Failure is just one critical step on the path to success. You can start over any time you choose, no matter what mistakes you made in the past. You can change anything with a new attitude and mindset. Winners know that it’s the comeback that counts."

I'm trying my best to be optimistic here.
Please pray for my interview tomorrow.
Crossing fingers, hairs, legs and every single part of my body that can be cross.

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Nikki said...

Well just so you know that there's someone going through the same things or worse, I'm waiting for an announcement that will tell me whether or not I have a shot at writing.

In short, if I don't get positive results from that announcement, it means that right now I'm nothing as a writer and I don't deserve to be called a good writer.

I'm half-Chinese and there are times when I'm told of racism within my family from generations passed. I don't know if you're seen it or not but I recently experienced racism as well - some morons said that Philippine music is trash and the only thing we know how to do it strip our clothes off.

Random but I I just wanted to let you know I'm behind you 100% in whatever I can help you with - I'm loyal to fellow bloggers who know exactly what I'm going through.

rcLoy said...

Thanks Nikki. *hugs*
Ah, I read that post but I don't know what to say since I don't really follow the Philippines music scene or Philippines in general but no matter what I'm on your side.

You can't just generalize just because there are few bad apples among the bunch. They are just being ignorant and ignorant is definitely not bliss in this case.

It's good you still can remain so rational with all this. Seriously. I think what we can do its just forget those idiots and move on. Things will get better for sure.

Owh, about the part where you are waiting to be a writer, did I tell you before that I really enjoy your blog and how you put everything in words? I think I've said that before. Hm.. Well, I really like how you put everything in words, its like you did it so effortlessly. You are a good writer. No doubt about that. I'm not kidding or being suck up in anyway. XD
Keep up the good work.
I wish you all the best in that!

Ah, I rant so much.
Thank you again for your support. Thanks.

Nikki said...

ME? Rational? You have got to be kidding me. hahah.

No, you haven't but thanks! It's the first time I've heard someone tell me that my writing seems effortless, means a lot to come from you!

No problem! hahah.

Mandy said...

So sorry to hear this, Loy.

But I'm sure that this too shall pass. When we hit rock bottom, the only way left is up.

All the best for tomorrow!

rcLoy said...

Nikki: The fact you can reason what they say with something that totally make sense is being rational right? You have to be clear minded to get all that out for sure. =)
I'm just being honest. You are a good writer.

Mandy: Thank you so much, Mandy.