Monday, August 31, 2009

Songs That I'm Listening Now

It's getting a bit boring these days. I can hardly get excited about any new music.
I need something for me to get excited and obsessed with.

Short personal review of few songs that I'm listening now.
Taking a cue from J.Mensah' Billboard Files.

"While I'm getting READY FOR THE WEEKEND to a HOLIDAY, I met a SEXY BITCH that put a SPELL on me, everything goes BOOM when she goes DOWN on me and that's when I saw SHOOTING STARS in my head??"

LOL? I tried my best. XD

Dizzee Rascal - Holiday ft Chrome
Reminds me of Dance Wiv Me, Love it's quirkyness. I can identify the Calvin Harris sounds, but some how I don't get the same feeling with Bonkers (not my kinda thang).

--Same old, same old, Babes Babes Babes everywhere--


Calvin Harris - Ready for the Weekend
It's okay. It's not bad. I prefer I'm Not Alone so much more. Not a love at 1st listen category. It slowly grows on you.


David Guetta - Sexy Bitch ft Akon
Hm, this is so different from When Love Takes Over. But still good, heavy beats and catchy chorus. Don't think this version will ever be on the radio here, but what's the point of playing it if you gonna censor the most interesting part? LOL.

--After watching the video, they should totally change the song to sexy bitches~ I don't see THE sexy bitch anywhere, but there are tons of them tho. The part Akon sing underwater? LOL!--


Anjulie - Boom
I like this song, after few spins, it stuck to my head in a good way. No, she's not like MIA. The song is more sexy and MIA is those power beats type. Totally different style. Love them both.

--Click on the link below for the official video, this is the song only version--
== Anjulie - Boom ==


Jay Sean - Down
I love the version without the Lil Wayne part. It's wayyy better. Why can't he make another video without Lil Wayne? Do you really slot in a rap part just for the sake of more marketability? Love his previous stuff too; Stolen, Eyes on You, Dance With You & Stay.

--Seriously, Jay is looking good these days--


Alphabeat - The Spell
As a pop fan, how can you not LOVE Alphabeat? They produce great pop songs. This is Amazing. Been repeating over and over again since from the moment I got it. I love their previous stuff too, Fascination, What is Happening, Boyfriend, Fantastic 6. Gosh, their previous album is one of my faves last year. I can't wait for the new stuff too.

--What's up with the BLUE color theme?--


Bag Raiders - Shooting Star
Ok, I have no idea who is this (what a name!) but the song is Brilliant. I love the fact this song slowly built up momentum before reaching certain high and BOOM! It goes havoc, in a good way.
I remember getting this song from Chartrigger. (click on chartrigger for more info)
Oh, They're an Aussie duo. Cut/Copy without the guitar?

--The original video is abit tacky for my taste, LOL, I prefer this audiosurf version more--

Have a nice day everyone!!!

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J.Mensah said...

"While I'm getting READY FOR THE WEEKEND to a HOLIDAY, I met a SEXY BITCH that put a SPELL on me, everything goes BOOM when she goes DOWN on me and that's when I saw SHOOTING STARS in my head??"

Hahaha!!! =] well that little piece put a smile on my face.

I'm 100% with you on things getting boring these days, although there are a couple releases this and next month I'm looking forward too--there's no REAL excitement. Just imagine, blogging in the '90s or '80s. It would be so cool, it kills me to think about it.

I'm glad Holiday is catching on so well. I'm pretty sure everyone loves it now. When it first came out (like literally the first couple listens) I was weary it wouldn't do so well.

I'm sure Read for the Weekend will grow on you completely. I think it's such an awesome track.

Sexy Bitch and Down; obvious favorites!

rcLoy said...

Hi J.
LOL. At least someone appreciate that. My lousy attempt to be funny =D
Lovin' most of the song that I reviewed. Everything is good in their own way, but nothing makes me going GAGA over it. LOL.
ps: Totally have the same feeling with cha on the Holiday track. It takes time to appreciate good stuff. Ready for the Weekend is good, Remedy is so much better~ LOL