Thursday, August 27, 2009

Backstreet's Back!

The video for the 1st single,
Straight Through My Heart
(Soldier Down),
from their upcoming album, This Is Us, is finally out!

Check it out!

Backstreet Boys - Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down)

I'm totally lovin' the single,
the video is obviously aiming for the Twilight fan base,
especially those tweens. Twilight is okay.
I love True Blood more. Addickted to it like I'm on meth!!
LOL. (I do not support the use of any drugs illegally)
I totally get the vampire theme going on.
I would love to see more dancing though.
I'm satisfied. Don't really fancy the video that much. It's okay.
I really hope their upcoming new album would be fantastic,
but from what I've heard from the supposedly leaked songs in the web,
I can safely say it's going to be AWESOME!
Can't wait!

OMG. They are officially back!! (with the video premiere)


J.Mensah said...

I really need to get those blog rolls where you can see when someones updated their posts or I would have commented on this a long time ago lol.

The video looks so good--it's too bad, I see the Twilight influence. Well done for single handedly making me excited for the new album. :)

rcLoy said...

Hey J.
Ah, at least there is someone who got converted by mua. LOL.
I'm just glad the video ain't the "I Want It That Way" theme going on, fans esp girls screaming at you for a video? LOL. Doubt that they have that kinda eager fans these days but I still love BSB.
But looking at the charts. Straight Through My Heart ain't shooting up at the charts like I expect it to be. Hmm...