Sunday, December 6, 2009


Beyonce at her best!

She really had me at "Hellooooooooo"

Btw, a week (more like 5 days) of High School Musical songs with live performance, I'm still not sick of the songs, yet. Some are just downright catchy :D
Plus I get to watch it for free. (uh, people paid like RM280 for a tix) So, it's cool.

Listening to: One Night Only - Just For Tonight
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J.Mensah said...

haha! That made me LOL so hard! Are you still diggin' "Telephone?"

J.Mensah said...

Oh yeah and "HELLOOOOO" *Does a crazy dance*

Mandy said...

Whoa. Didn't know that her concerts were that 'entertaining'.

rcLoy said...

J: "Helloooooooooooo" Yup, still in Gaga fanatic mode, I "telephoned" her everyday! Fame Monster is amaze-balls! <3 it to bits. I wish she would create music videos for every single track from that album. N then release it all in a special edition album telling a mini story, like a mini movie. Haha. I'm thinking way too much, but again, "Helllloooooo" *sway the hips*

Mandy: Bet you can't say she's boring huh? Haha. Had a good laugh? I am still laughing after watching it for few times. LOL. She is very "entertaining"