Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar's Pork Monster

A very random update.

Avatar 3D is a visual feast for the eyes!

The storyline is meh, a bit predictable for my taste but the 3D visual effects is very very entertaining. RM21 per person on a very comfy couple seats. I would say it's damn worth it :D It's totally a short get-away-mini-trip into fantasy land of Pandora. Sam Worthington is a hottie (love him in Terminator Salvation where he totally upstage Christian Bale) Everybody, please watch it ONLY in 3D, of course.

What is the point of going all the way to KL but not having any good food to compliment the outing huh? Public transport sucks, I gotta console myself with good food after being in the horrendous public transport i.e. Bus and KTM. That's why I am very picky about the food, especially if I am out. (budget and mood plays an important part of it too)

German cuisine here in Malaysia ain't cheap, a huge pork knuckle (I doubt there is a small version) is usually around RM50++(cheapest) to RM 100++!!! RM50 for food can go a loooonngggg way in Malaysia for food, a very filling bowl of mee or plate of rice with dishes will only cost RM5 max! You can get around 7 McValue meals for McD with that amount of money! LOL.

How much do you think this cost?

The delicious pork knuckle served with sauerkraut and potato.

Check out the size of that thing compared to my hand! *eyes open wide*

Lots of tender juicy meat, meat, meat, meat and more meat! The combination of the meat with the crispy skin and lil bit of sauerkraut and potato mixed with the pork sauce is just *heaven*~~

I don't know how they do it but the fats just melts in your mouth, in a good way. Not those oily yucky aftertaste that you get after eating fatty fried food.

The best thing about this deliciously juicy and tender pork knuckle dish is the price, RM27.20 only~ Some sort of 50% discount! What a great deal! Ahh, BEST lunch everrrrr~ :D (Pi-Elle ordered the famous Petaling Street Hokkien Mee & Mihun) Cantonese and German cuisine galore! It took me roughly an hour to finish this huge portion of meat but it was all worth it. Stuffed til dinner. It's a good thing, not often though.

The MD of YTL corp, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh sat in front of me the whole time and even said Hi! That Dato' is very friendly :)

Just for fun, a cute lil' piggy pastry that tasted like a mooncake that the geng got for me as a souvenir from their Penang + Perak trip, thanks guys. Cute huh?

And I thought yesterday couldn't get any better, The Fame Monster is out in Malaysia!! I know I have to get it for myself! A perfect Xmas gift for someone who don't celebrate Xmas~ :D

So, I am "officially" a lil' Monster! Rarrr :)

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J.Mensah said...

The tastiest thing on your post was obviously that gaga cd :)

rcLoy said...

J: You know me well, LOL.