Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best TV of '09 Part 2

Here is the Part 2 of my Best TV of '09 series

Mad Men
Jon Hamm, it's all about him. This is the epitome of what a man should look like :) The series is shot beautifully and the storyline is not as boring as the previous seasons. Great script, some of the lines in this series is just pure brilliance. Eg Don's word for Sal's incident with the bellboy, "Limit your exposure" was pure brilliance! Very very smart. I like the fact they begin to reveal more about the lead character, Don Draper. He is one eff up dude. Seriously, January Jones as Betty Draper is freaking HOT! How can you cheat on her? and not just once! Ugh. Best bits about this season, the lawnmower incident in the office. I can't stop laughing when it happened. I don't know why, maybe because I have a very sick sense of humor. Hahaha. One more thing, please bring Sal back, they can do so much more with his character. Peggy and Joan is great too.

The Amazing Race
Well, this would be the perfect reality series ever if the brothers team, Sam & Dan won. But too bad, Malibu Barbie and Ken is the winner this season (I don't remember their name) Brian and Ericka is my 2nd faves for being so nice but sadly being nice doesn't give you merit for the race of USD 1 mil. I always loved the special pairing of teams every season, gay brothers, interracial couple, people with disability and etc. It's kinda frustrating to see people argue all the time and the brothers really go at each other every time they have, I guess brothers that argue is another way of showing that they cared? Plus, all of that makes for good TV.

Top Chef
I absolutely love this show, well, the part where this show doesn't rely heavily on the "drama" factor makes me love it a lil' bit more. Chef with actual talents (more like Project Runway but about food) cooking up a storm within' a time limit. The screen shots of the finished dishes makes me drool every time and this is just worst than watching a cooking program. All the visual satisfactions will never satisfy your tummy in any way. The fact that I don't even know most of the ingredients that are used in the dishes doesn't stir me away from catching up the series til the end where Micheal V. won. *bummer* I like Kevin cos he is the pork guy and god knows I love pork. LOL. Oh, Padma is hot but I think Tom Colicchio is HOTTER :)

Project Runway
Er, is it me or this show is really boring this season. Please, please go back to New York, for the fact that Micheal Kors and Nina Garcia is not regular in the judges table is just stupid. Irregularity in the judges table is one thing, the lack of creativity in this season is just Ugh, everyone look kinda so ordinary compared to Jay (1st season), Jeffrey (Season3) and Cristian (Season4) And the numerous time of the judges to choose the most uninspiring or ordinary piece as the winning piece, are you kidding me? Especially the newspaper as fabric challenge where Irina's boring and uninspiring coat won. *stunned* Season 7 is starting soon, I am still a sucka for this show.

This is like the new Lost with a less hotter lead, (yup, I like Matthew Fox, and the show, hmm not so much anymore) The storyline is very intriguing on how and why does all this flash forward (visions about the future) on a specific day happened. I really hope the remaining episodes will not disappoint because I think this is better than V, another series that is just so-so, story about Alien invasion is a bit too dated for me. I don't know why. I like the Star Trek movie though. Anyway, I like the John Cho and Gabrielle Union pairing in this series, they look so cute together. Oh, the British accent of Jack Davenport is very mesmerizing. Haha.

10 Things I Hate About You
The TV adaptation of the movie of the same name starring Heath Ledger. I genuinely like this series for having predictable storyline, basically following the same premise of the movie. I just wish the male lead of this series gets more screen time as much as the girls. He, Ethan Peck is a very cute guy :) I am just wondering how are they gonna end this since both of the leads will be together eventually, they kinda did in this season. Hm.. Well, 20 minutes of pure fun. I got nothing to complain.

Desperate Housewives
The series where the ridiculous drama just never ends huh? Katherine gone mental because Mike leave her to be together with Susan again? I like. Bree cheating on Orson with Karl? I love. The new housewives, Angie storyline? It's okay. Lynette's pregnant and the whole drama with Gabrielle and Carlos? Yawn. I hate the fact that the only gay couple is underused and is just there to fill certain stupid stereotypes. Hm, I think it's time for Andrew to be back. I like Andrew but he's not going to be a regular anymore. Edie is dead, now who is going to fill up the slutty bitchy housewives role??? You need that character to normalize the kookiness of the rest of the housewives.

The Mentalist
I find Patrick Jane to be slightly annoying with his smart Alec attitude. I don't know why but who cares? the storyline is good. I am more drawn to the down-to-earth Cho, the hunky Rigsby and his relationship with Van Pelt. I like how both of them are just awkward with each other before they start the secret relationship. I just wish they would give the 3 side characters more screen time. LOL.

White Collar
Erm, the reason why I start to pay attention to this series is because of Matt Bomer. He is a very gorgeous man, and the fact that the character Neal have the best wardrobe in a TV series (Jon Hamm in Mad Men came close in 2nd) had me hooked on the storyline as much as the styling of character. The con-man and FBI agent pairing is hilarious and both the actors have great chemistry together. This show kinda reminds me of the Detective Conan anime series in a good way. I have high hopes for this series. A very good visual and mental stimulation. Another series by the USA network, Royal Pains, I don't have much to rave about RP but it's okay.

To end this, here's a picture of Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey :)

You see what I mean? LOL

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f said...

Bring back Christian Siriano!!!!!!

shes firce and that was the best season ever!!!!!!


rcLoy said...

Cristian Siriano is a she?? LOL!!!!!
Yup, I totally agree, that might be the best season yet, lots of unforgettable designs :)