Monday, December 14, 2009


Don't waste your time worrying about boys - boys will come and go. Don’t waste your time caring about the people who don’t like you - chances are you don’t like them either. Don’t waste your time worrying if people are talking about you - you affected their lives, they didn’t affect yours.
- Unknown
This quote got me thinking.

I care too much about unnecessary things. Ugh.

I wanna be free..
Fly away from everything like a dandelion seed..

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Mandy said...

Well, chances are, until the day we stop breathing, we're going to worry about things, however small and unimportant they may seem to others. It's ok to worry as long as you don't suffocate yourself in the process. Everyone worries. The day you stop caring is the day you lose a part of yourself. :)

Even dandelion seeds are going to have to settle somewhere someday.

You'll be fine. I worry about my nails. I'm the one with the issues, LOL. ;)

rcLoy said...

Ah, you are always so great with words. I agree with the Everybody worries part. I am that kinda person who over think everything, more than the average normal person, that's why sometimes I just want the brain to stop moving too fast or too faraway. LOL.

Don't you just love the picture? :)

Thanks Mandy :)

Nails huh? Pamper yourself with a manicure la, expensive like hell, but I guess it's gonna worth it huh?

Kenna Christensen said...

this was so brilliant. LOVED IT.