Thursday, December 17, 2009

Julie & Julia met The Frog

Today is a good day. Why? Ehem, a Disney movie to start the day and a Meryl Streep movie to end it. *weeee*

The Princess & The Frog is just uber sweet. Disney doesn't disappoints, I really appreciates all those hand drawn cartoon, it brings back so much good memories watching all those Disney movies after the cinema these days are crashed with so many CGI cartoons, not that I am saying they are bad, but it's just a different kinda feeling to me. Snow White, Mulan, Lion King and Aladdin to name a few personal faves. Ooo, I like the thin mustache villain (forgot the name, Shadow something), I don't know why~ The Alligator is effin hilarious, so is the firefly. Lots of LOL moments. *happy*
One thing that I don't really fancy is that I find it a tiny bit ridiculous where the first ever African American Disney Princess, Tiana is a frog for most of the time in this movie, and Prince Naveen is a lazy bum. LOL, not your typical Disney Princess movie, that's for sure. Even at that, this movie is still a great movie, perfect for a Xmas celebration. Everyone, please just go and watch it, not watching this is like rejecting good chocolates. How can you refuse good chocolates? That's insane! You don't do that, right? :) Be a normal human being and go watch it. Your definition of normal is entirely up to you :)

One of my faves actress is Ms Meryl Streep. Oooh, how can you not love her? I've been a big fan of her after The Devil Wears Prada, her performance was just superbly AMAZING. Julie & Julia, my oh my, her performance in that movie, I don't know how she does it, she is just brilliant. I love her to bits :) I wanna gush about Stanley Tucci too~ He's the guy from that Devil Wears Prada too! Love love him. Brilliant actor.

Amy Adams, ah, Princess Giselle from Enchanted :) *Enchanted is a happy movie, I like happy movie a lot* She's great too, she's so believable plus she look so adorable in this movie. Ah, I love everyone in this movie :P (I don't see there is anything wrong with it :)

In conclusion, Julie & Julia is two separate movies mashed into one. It's like paying for a movie ticket but getting two different stories at one go! How about that for a Buy 1 Free 1 deal! *lame huh?* I am just kidding, please give this movie a go. Their performances is worth your time. I guarantee it :)

Have fun everybody.

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f said...

OH.Julie& Julia is awesome!

watched it the other day.Both Meryl and Amy are BRILLIANT!

Now,im goin to get the book and start learnig how to cook


rcLoy said...

Bila nak ajak gi rumah makan? I don't take beef, thats all. LOL

Julie and Julia Online Free said...

Julie and Julia is worth the watch. I like Julia's story more than julie's but that is just me.

rcLoy said...

I like J&J too. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams? I think Meryl take it to the next level. Julie's character is a bit too whiny for me. LOL