Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ah, I feel great. Why? Well, after like an hour dosage of Chelsea Lately from youtube. How can you not feel giddy? *wide smile* Her talk show is effin hilarious, wait, I think it's more of a round table of 4 very funny comedians making fun of all those "celebrities". Her show is based on E! the Entertainment Network, but her show is all about making fun of all the "celebrities" that E! covered during the day? LOL.

This is where I get all my goodies on Chelsea Lately Show.

BTW, just for fun, this is one of my favourite Youtube moment where 3 cute bears parody of Quinn's I Say A Little Prayer.
Warning, this can be a lil too gay for some people, but I ♥ it to bits!

Awww ♥

And my favourite moment in GLEE til episode 8 (I am digesting it slowly)

Puck - Sweet Caroline

Wah, I never thought he have such a good voice :D Puck

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Mandy said...

Yep, Glee is <3.

Oh, Mark Salling is a singer. He has a website for his music. :) I haven't checked out any of his music, though.

rcLoy said...

For real? I'm gonna give a guess that it's a rock band or something, thanks for the info. I haven't reach the stage where I want to stalk him yet. LOL