Friday, December 18, 2009

I wanna be an indie wannabe!

I've been listening to more indie stuff this time of the month, I don't know why, maybe it's because of the weather here is going haywire every now and then, 1 hour of heavy thunderstorm rain and then bright sun for another half and heavy rain after that again? The end of the world, indeed. Well, at least for Malaysia? :)

From Grizzly Bear to The XX (wwadh recommends it, I gotta give it a go) All is good, I never thought I will enjoy this kinda music since I consider myself more of a pop/Top 40 genre kinda guy, well, I guess I don't know myself that well.

Surprisingly, according to my profile, I've been listening to Grizzly Bear way back in September! (eyes open wide) No wonder they sounded so "familiar", I used to read some alternative music blog before it got defunct. I guess I got "distracted" by some other music wave at that time to be noticing all this non-pop indie music galore. I think its my addiction to the K-Pop scene. All good, all good.

Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear is stuck in my head after I reconcile with the video, I blardy like that song. Simplicity goes a long way for me. Southern Point and While You Wait For The Others have a soft chanting vocal which I find very interesting. It's hard for me to like anything new especially if they are not in my usual music diet. But I am starting to appreciates them more day by day.

Well, being late in this scene is better than never, right? Currently I am enjoying The XX quite a lot, they sound extra good on a rainy day, no? The subtle-quiet-breathy-feel of their songs. Very soothing to me, I think I might just give their album, xx, a go, you know how lazy I am to listen to an album. Read wwadh review of the album here. Great stuff.

Just when I though I couldn't be anymore surprised with my music discovery, Animal Collective's My Girls have been on my play list for a while now. Ugh, what have I been doing til I don't pay much attention to songs that I am listening? I can remember the colorful music video though, and what is it with the soft chanting vocal these days? I am not complaining because I think it's a good thing.
Not when I can't even differentiate which song is which song though. Similarity in that way ain't good. (I really think Cascada's Evacuate The Dancefloor is a less cooler copy version of Gaga's Just Dance).

I like the fact this song doesn't really stand out to me like those "in your face" top 40 songs :) A refreshing side. I think I want to take a break from all that, maybe a week? LOL.

Oh, another supposedly indie pop band that I kinda dig is Phoenix, (Noobie Jon recommended it to me when I just started my account in June) The 2 opening tracks, Liztomania and 1901 is very 80's synch pop, very interesting. I like it the 1st time I ever listen to it. But it takes me a while to fully digest the whole album. (I've been too busy repeating my faves album to pay much attention to these indie music)

There's this band, Hockey, I saw their video once in MTV, kinda nice, very upbeat and noisy, kinda reminds me of a pop version of The Strokes. I haven't made up my mind about them, yet.


The infoMania video in CurrentTV ain't loading properly, I don't know why, but then I just found out that they have a YouTube account, ugh (stupid me!) This is one of my faves News show.

Whatdya think? Good stuff huh?

Oh, It's raining now, I gotta XX myself. (People, its time to XX!!)


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Mel said...

I'm fairly certain that hipster indie scene will go very mainstream soon. You mentioned some good ones (Phoenix, The XX). I plan on doing a blog about it in early '10. Especially re: Passion Pit. DEFFO check them out.

rcLoy said...

Hi Mel :)
Passion Pits!
I've been listening to them 1st half of this year. I totally forgot about them. Uh, how can I? Manners is good, their type of electro indie pop is more my kinda music. Love The Reeling and Sleepyhead.

Now that you mentioned it, I forgot Metric and The Gossip too.

Thank you for droppin by, can't wait for your entry about the indie scene and your top 29 of 09! =D

Paul said...

I'm gonna have to check out XX cos so many people seem to be really liking their music. I'm usually overburdened at Christmas with my festive tunes, but i'll add it to the list of acts to listen to in the new year :)

rcLoy said...

Paul: I never expect myself to like their stuff that much, it's really good. It's going to be great especially with all those cheery happy tunes of Xmas for now, and something mellow for the after effect of Xmas :)