Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping! Pt 1

Okay, I gotta admit that Suria KLCC is a great place to shop. I used to brush off KLCC as a destination to shop since most of the brands there is effin high class, (I ain't rich) blardy expensive. Plus there are lots of Bangla there for a period of time. LOL.

I just got back from part 1 of my "Internship Wardrobe" hunting, I don't really own much formal wear, (one shirts and few slacks that don't fit well anymore) that's the reason why I gotta stock up my supply of long sleeve shirts and slacks.

Ties are expensive! It's the same or more expensive than a shirt! I kinda regretted the fact I didn't start my collection of formal wear earlier. Now, I gotta spend all my "CNY" shopping money on my this new wardrobe, at one go. Not that fun, I am telling you.


I love G2000 :D
Their cutting is great, the colors and style is great, for my budget, their stuff is the best. the sales price is just amazing :D Thank God for Isetan and the Malaysia Year End Sales. Even though I just got one black fitting shirt.

I hope I can find some major deals tomorrow for my part 2 shopping in Pavilion KL. Gosh, I miss Ling. Can't wait to meet her up.

Er, did I mention KLCC got a lot of eye candy, but Pavilion is way better, that's why I am so excited. Shopping, eye candies and good food in a safe, clean, posh and well air-conditioned area. Ah.. that's how you spend your hot afternoon in Kuala Lumpur city center.

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