Monday, December 28, 2009

Best TV of '09

Apart from music, I am a certified TV series junkie (if they ever need to certify this kinda stuff) Here are some of the best TV series for me this year.

Part 1

This gotta be the BEST New TV series this year. I can't help to love this, it's made for people like me who loves both TV series and music. If you are like me, you are bound to love this too. It's a bit like High School Musical but with much less "fairytale and sweet" storyline, more drama and way funnier. Strong performance by all the leads, especially Mr Shuester played by Matthew Morrison. The highlights is all about the songs performed in GLEE that can put High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 to shame and the choreographed dance moves is just brilliant. All 13 episodes are wildly entertaining with its fair share of great tracks being performed by the actors to a younger generation like mua who sometimes can find it hard to appreciate old songs i.e "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Sweet Caroline". Plus, their reinterpretation of the current hits like "Take A Bow", "Gold Digga" and "No Air" (not that there is anything wrong with the original) are equally good. I feel extra good after watching GLEE everytime.

True Blood
Heck, I never thought the 2nd season of True Blood can be so addictive since the 1st season is just mediocre at best. The 2nd season have everything that a great TV series should have, amazing storyline, great performances by all the actors, fresh and interesting plot development through the season is the reason why I am hooked on this series. Godric's storyline is by far the best and it's sad to see his character committing suicide halfway through the season but thank god for Maryann's surprisingly gross but mysterious character to finish up this season. I seriously can't wait for the 3rd season. All the men in this series are so drool worthy especially Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten. (yes, that is also part of the reason why this show is so entertaining, the right casting make all the difference) LOL. To compare this amazing series to the snooze fest Twilight series is just insulting :)

Vampire Diaries
I thought I am going to hate this series after few episodes but I was wrong (you know with all those overloading vampire concept going on these days) This is by far the most surprisingly fun and sexy (apart from True Blood) series this year. The storyline got its own appeal and definitely didn't try to be the other Twilight that I thought it would be. Vampire romance with it's own sexy characters where the 3 leads are equally charming and very easy on the eyes. The brother rivalry plot is definitely working for me since there are so much tension between those two and the 2 lovers have great chemistry together :) A must watch. I wish they would explore much more on the witch craft side of the series.

The Big Bang Theory
It's the Geeks/Nerds show (with a pretty blonde thrown in for some sexual tension) I still find this series as entertaining as the previous seasons. Some said that they are not as funny as their 1st season but I don't see their point. Maybe because Leonard paired up with Penny (!) LOL. Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parson is pretty much the reason why I am still watching this series. You can make it all about him and I would still be watching it. The side characters such as Howard and Raj is still hilarious, keep on ridin' with the bromance concept and I will not complain. LOL.

Ugly Betty
Betty, oh Betty. Season 3 is pretty boring but not this season, lots of conspiracies and the fact that the other main casts such as Marc and Amanda have lots of screen time and their own storyline, it's a good thing. They are funny and its good that the characters are developing and not just for the sole purpose to insult or make fun of Betty all the time (which is pretty hilarious most of the time). Pretty much amazing with Justin's storyline too. *Clap Clap Clap*

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Mandy said...

Yay! Much love from a fellow Glee lover. :)

I have The Big Bang Theory but I haven't gotten 'round to watching it yet (I'm a one-TV-series-at-one-time person, LOL). Now that Glee is absent until April, I'll turn to TBBT. :)

ww_adh said...

I'm listening to the Glee Soundtrack Vol. 2 right now. What a great show. My partner recently announced he'd be buying the first 13 episodes so we can re-watch them while we wait for new ones.

rcLoy said...

Mandy: The Big Bang Theory is incredibly funny, if you get their jokes. LOL. Go give True Blood a try.

ww_adh: I am so jealous right now. I wish I have someone to watch it together too. That would be great. LOL. Which song is your faves?

Aamyko said...

I agree with Ugly Betty S4! It's sooo good! I'm hooked on her funk!

rcLoy said...

Aamyko: *high5* Ugly Betty is pretty fantastic this season. Having those random hot guys popping out of nowhere seems to be doing the magic trick for them, ie Adam Rodriguez and Grant Bowler. LOL