Thursday, June 18, 2009

Battle of the Summer Anthem of '09

Hm, It's not like we have "summer" here in Malaysia. We only have two seasons here. Sunny/Summer day or rainy day. Oh, you can even count in the occasionally super thunder heavy storm. It's crazy, especially the City area due to more pollutions. I still love this country even though the public transportation sucks. :S

So, what's the deal with me blogging for the supposedly "summer" anthem of the year when Malaysia is like summer all year round? Why?

Because I don't think I need a reason to blog about the songs that I love, (at least at this moments).

Okay, nuff crappin'.

My picks for the battle of the summer anthem. Hm..

David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

I love this track way before it's released to be a single. Glad that Kelly finally got the exposure she deserved. Her voice is like instantly recognizable. LVOE it.
Sunshine and the ocean and the beach....
is like all over the place these days. Sick and tired of her. LOL.

Another David Guetta song that I like is Love Is Gone (Original Mix). A big difference from the original track but still good nonetheless. Check it out.


2nd song is by the Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling.

Its wayyyy better than that annoying Boom Boom Pow.
I don't get that song at all.
Maybe its cos I'm not living in 3008 and still loving 2009. Bleh...
Back to this song, it's a major improvement over their annoyin' 1st single from the new album THE E.N.D.

I LIKE THIS. (Humming along
That tonight's gonna be a good good night....)

The MusicVideo looks like fun! Partyyyyy!!!!! Glow in the Dark Paint! WOOOO...


3rd choice is definitely Pitbull's - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

I totally dig this song even though there are some part of it which sounds like a total broken record that play the chorus over and over again.
Bet that the Spanish version is going to be more dirtyyyyy. With lots of culo thrown in. LOL.

Owh, the video. Not my kinda thing. So irrelevant. Girls shaking to the beat, He is the center of attention. Boring. Next.

Pitbull's Krazy is another fave jam of mine few years back. The clubbin scene is Malaysia especially the HipHop Club loves this track. Its like a staple song among few of the Akon and Lil' Jon's song.

The winner in my opinion....

I personally prefer the David's When Love Takes Over over the other two. The beat, it's not your typical song that got air in the local music scene here and I doubt that the Malaysia music scene will have a chance to appreciate this GEM. Except if you follow the music scene in UK.

Pitbull's - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) is nothing new. Still the same old hip hop rap addictive beat and repetitive chorus. Sure fire hit in the clubbin' scene. No doubt about that.

BEP's I Gotta Feeling is fresh for now. But knowing the Malaysian Radio channel that loves to play the top track at the moment over and over again in a day would bore the sh*t out of me due to over exposure of the song. Malaysian love BEP. Almost all of their singles do well here since Where Is The Love, especially My Humps. But its been a long time I don't tune to the radio anymore. No time. Malaysian will lap it up like any previous single by the BEP.

I control my own music with my beloved iPod Shuffle. It's old and only have 512mb, but its still working fine. =) Trustworthy.

Now listening to: Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder


Mandy said...

I agree. What is UP with Boom Boom Pow, right? Annoying.

rcLoy said...

High5 Mandy. The radio and Music Channel is playing that song like crazy.. Erghh... Bad after taste.. LOL