Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Naked People In Paris

What do Make The Girl Dance's Baby Baby Baby music video and Reead's Baby music video have in common?

Three adults walking on the street of Paris naked with digital boxes covering their private parts while holding a fake boombox.

Here is the vids for both of the songs.

Straight Male OR a Lesbo~
This is the video for you~ FEMALE version~

Make The Girl Dance's Baby Baby Baby

If you are Straight Female or Gay Male
This is the MALE version~

Reead's Baby

Same concept but totally different effect.
I personally like MTGD vids better cos the lady got wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more attitude but not that chun.
The dude in Reead vids is boring as hell but d guys is kinda hot.
MTGD have a BETTER song. Reead.. not my cup of tea. =)

Finally, I wonder where is the unbox version of both vids?

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dukeystar said...

Haha the guy video is much better... but your right the song kinda sucks. Crazy French! haha

rcLoy said...

Haha, Aren't you glad there is a guy version of that video? LOL~