Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gaga Vs Marilyn Manson

Ok. It's like so freaking obvious I'm a BIG fan of Lady Gaga. Thats the truth wayyyyyyy before she made it big with Just Dance last year. The song had been out in the net for ages before she got recognized. Its still one of those songs that I still love, esp during clubbin time~ weee

The Fame is a great album. Love almost every track in it. Totally worth it.

The new single apart from Paparazzi, which is LoveGame is like.. naughty + kinky + lots of attitude. How can you not love a song that mentioned about a ridin in a disco stick in a song and get away with it? LOVESIT! AHHH....

Ok, so I got across this remix of her latest single LoveGame which is seriously addictive!!!!
Featuring Marilyn Manson. WTH, a totaly weird combo. BUT it works! In so many level...

Check it Out!

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