Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gossip! No. Its NOT about Gossip Girl.

Beth Ditto have an incredible pipe. Her voice.. Oooo.. so smooth.. and RAW. It's like.. grade A sushi? Ok, my bad, brain is very tired now, can't think of anything to describe my love for her voice. She reminds me of a ROCK version of ADELE. After spinning The Gossip latest fabu single "Heavy Cross" and fell massively in lvoe with it. Check it out!

Tell me this is NOT the most awesome plus size "Queen" lead singer you ever see. She oozes attitude. LVOE! Even the remix of the song by Fred Falke is brilliant and stand out on its own.

I don't know whats going on with me these days. I love remixes. Some of them is better than the original song, some hardly do justice to the original tune. Example of the bad remixes? Don't Ask. I hardly store those useless information in my brain.

Anyway... I can't help myself to wiki about the Gossip and found out they have a major hit before this which is "Standing in the Way of Control". Another great track. Erghh.. Punk-ish and Angry.. Emo all the way.. Okay, I'm bad with categorizing songs based on the exact genre. I don't give a shit to genre anymore. If it's nice. It's nice no matter what.

Here the video for Standing in the Way of Control.

Don't you think the new stuff is much less angrier and more refined?? LOL.
Love both the song for different reason.

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