Saturday, June 13, 2009

GagaVision Pt 2

I finally got the pic from the GagaVision event in Zouk KL.

It was posted on the galleries section of Zouk KL website.

That's the faux Gaga I mentioned. Hot? No? =S (IDC)

Oh, the drunkard is somewhere in d pic.. LOL.

Then I realized got another pic featuring me leh.. LOL

Can you spot me in this pic??

I don't know why I'm so bloody excited to be featured there...

Anyway... it does reminds me of the few eye candy there that night. LOL.

Ergh.. the quality is so so cos I can't really save it from the site.. so I just print screen and edit it out..

Here's the site if you plan to check out the galleries featured there for a better view.

Zouk KL

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Princess said...

someone's famous ;)