Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Korean Wave~

I've been hit by the Korean Wave ever since SzuTzane recommend me Tae Yang from Big Bang.

Oh, how I wish I could speak Korean fluently.

So I can sing-a-long to the song that I love and at least understand what are they singing about.

Actually way before that, I already like The Wonder Girls.

Their 1st single, Tell Me is incredibly catchy. The MV is so funny and cuteeeeeee.

Here are some of the Korean songs that I LOVE.

The Wonder Girls - Tell Me

The 1st Korean pop song that I love. "Tell me tell me.. te- te- te- te- te- tell me.."


Girls Generation (SNSD) - Gee

Addictive to the best. It's very girly but POP-goodness.
This version of the video showcasing their dance moves which I think its pretty and so cuteee.


Seung Ri - Strong Baby

I call him the Justin Timberlake of Asia/Korea. LOL.
The style and dance move are kinda similar to JT. He's one fifth member of Big Bang.
I like the song, I like the beat and his live performance is very sleek and stylish. =) The solo, WOW. Gaya (Stylish in malay)

p/s: Crap crap crap crap.... LOL...


Tae Yang - Look At Me

My favourite korean song ever. The vocal is smooth and the song is not too hip hop-ish.
The dance moves are slick and yeah, my type of guy. Stylish and very cute. Love the hair!
The solo dance part. One reaction: I'm in LOVE.

Nuff for now, don't feel like making this post super long. LOL. Have a nice day =)


I totally forgot about this group.

Big Bang - FILA

Yup, its a song for the FILA brand, seriously, I think it's way too good for a "commercial" song...

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ashley greig said...

my gosh....my brother is crazy about TWG's "Tell Me" as well!! hehehe...

rcLoy said...

Now is the best time to introduce him to SNSD. He will LOVE It for sure. LOL