Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lily Allen


She released Fuck You as her 3rd single?

OMFG. I don't see how the song is going to receive any airplay here. HAHA.

If they're going to censored the good part, might as well don't play it.

For those who don't know anything about this song, It's not the I-fucking-hate-you that kinda vibe.

Its more of a cutesy-mix-sarcasm kinda of fuck you.

Plus, the beat for this song is so damn catchy and "summer". (Read: Addictive and Happy)

You will sing-along with it. Seriously.

Even one of my bestie who listen to Chinese songs only cos she said she don't get the lyrics of any English song, take lots of energy for her to digest the song.

BUT she absolutely LOVE this song.

Or maybe she got influenced by another bestie of mine who have quite a influence in our group.

Yup, I'm talking about you FPL. And yeah, I'm talking about our hair supermodel. =)

Here is the video for the song, supposedly promo only. =)
What's the meaning of promo only anyway? Any idea anyone?

I like the concept of the video where she goes around and change anything that she wants. =)

Cool MV.

Totally recommended.

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J.Mensah said...

WOW! she actually did it! I wonder how radio is gonna go about this one.

I have no idea about the promo only thing either, I'm thinkin' it means like, limited releases or something rather...

rcLoy said...

J: Okay, and I thought I'm the only one who is blur about the promo-only thingy. But seriously, if the world is more open enough, this would be like the smash hit of her entire career. LOL. I'm thinking way too much. +)

ww_adh said...

Maybe they'll change the lyrics to "Cluck You" or something. She can claim its about a bunch of annoying hens.

rcLoy said...

ww_adh: LOL!!