Sunday, June 14, 2009

Istana Budaya

Starting from tomorrow, after rotting at home for around one and a half month, I finally got a part time job selling tix for some Indian cultural thingy in Istana Budaya. Pay is so-so nia.
And my mode of transportation is the sucky public transportation of Malaysia. BUS. Urgh. This means that I have to get out of the house 2 hours earlier and got back home 2 hours later. This also means that I gotta wake up by 6.30am and most probably got back home around 7.30pm.

The thing now, how I wish I own a lappie (that's how I call a laptop) There's basically nothing much to do there. If there is a lappie, at least I can continue masak my drama and movies.

Grey's Anatomy - Done
Ugly Betty - Done
Gossip Girl - Done
True Blood - Done
Big Bang Theory - Done
Brothers & Sisters - Season 3
Pushing Daisies - Season 2
Nip/Tuck - Season 5

The only thing I can do now is to charge up James's DS and my handphone for entertainment. I'm so gotta stuff up the memory card with games. Oh, I'm praying that there are going to be an internet connection there..

Okay, nuff ranting... that's about it..


BTW, some kid name Quinn send me a message through Youtube and asked me to watch her video.. I did and I'm very surprise at how she handle such an issue at such a young age. The future is looking okay with kids like her in this world. Equality for ALL.

Oh, my pathetic attempt to change the template for this blog had failed. Hardly can find anything that interest me with their design. I think I'm going to create my own, IF I'm free. =)
So, now I'm going to stick with all WHITE. Plain and Simple.

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ashley greig said...

Hey, all the best with your new job ya!! love!!

Princess said...

ini layout macam aku punya!!!
great minds think alike ;)
wats the name of that indian cultural thingy??

rcLoy said...

Ash: TQ TQ

Princess: Merchants of Bollywood. With music by AR Rahman. Wooo.... Ticket price is from 500++ to 40++ for students.. Hm...