Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Public Bus!?

Imagine yourself rushing back home after a 12-hour "work" from 9am to 9pm.
While crossing the "bridge" to reach to the other side of the road's bus stop..

You saw the incoming feeder bus that you are suppose to get on before another round of bus ride back to home sweet home.

You run as fast as you can, breathing heavily cos you don't usually do much exercise and try to get on the bus before another 40mins of waiting for the next one if you miss this one.

Guess what?

You missed the bloody bus by 3 secs and the bus driver don't really give a damn about whether you are going to wait for another 30/40mins before the next one come.

Frustrated? No?

Of course, YOU in this story is me and the fact that you don't drive nor have a car for you to drive to your work place means that you are entirely depending on the mercy of the supposedly revamp and better RapidKL public bus service.

Malaysia's public transport sucks!


At least I got a chance to cuci mata during the 2nd round of bus waiting. That seriously made my day a lil bit better. I'm shallow, but hey, it's not like I could start a conversation with a stranger to get to know him/her better before thinking he/she is cute, right?

so, what kinda post is this? Seems very irrelevant...

Nothing much, I just want to rant. Oh, there is another 15 more days to go for me =)

People, please pray for me that I can cuci mata every now and then so at least it won't be that boring during the hourly bus ride. =)

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nameless said...

"You run as fast as you can, breathing heavily cos you don't usually do much exercise"...
hahaha, that's so true, do more exercise la...

rcLoy said...

yeah kiddy, you have to rub it in la.. my only form of exercise is go clubbin. want to sponsor? LOL